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Vascular Access

Y – Needle Guide Wire Introducer Needle
-According to Annex X Section 1.1.1 – of the 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive. Using compilation of the relevant scientific currently available on the intended purpose of the techniques employ. Y – Needle Guide Wire introducer unique design allows access to the vein without disconnecting the syringe attached to the needle. The Y – needle has a one way integral valve to prevent blood leakage and the risk of embolism during insertion.

Nitinol Kink Resistant Guide Wire
-Nitinol  -  is a metal alloy of Nickel & Titanium. Guide wire with such core have the following additional properties & characteristics as opposed to Stainless Steel core guide wire.
•    Super – elastic designed for kink resistant
•    Excelllent flexibility and steering
•    Enhances pushability

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